Motor Control Circuit


Electrical Motor Control Circuits

The troubleshooting electric motor control circuit wiring fault simulation CD has instructor resources available too. In this circuit simulation download you use the troubleshooting tools while troubleshooting garage door.

SkemaQ Dimensioning  v.3.0

Skemaq Dimensioning is Skema's dimensioning software for low-voltage switchboards, Power Center and Motor Control Center types.


CenterONE  v.3.77.233

CenterONE is an intuitive, Windows-based software application designed specifically for configuring Motor Control Centers. CenterONE was developed after years of watching customers struggle to design and order their MCC's.

Minilog-Comm  v.1 6

MiniLog-Comm is a Phytron software for Windows® PC to operate and program type OMC, TMC, MCC-1, MCC-2 and MCC-2 LIN stepper motor control units.

Bldc-gui  v.1.0.11

The Stellaris® Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Control Reference Design Kit (RDK-BLDC) with Ethernet and CAN contains all the necessary hardware and software for you to design, develop, and integrate your BLDC motor applications.

IP-Comm  v.2. 2. 2006

IPCOMM is a Windows® program, which is delivered as setting-up software with every PSC (Phytron Stepper motor Control unit). IPCOMM is used to configurate the 'Phytron Stepper motor Control units' IPP, GSP, GCD and GLD.

Flash Sprint  v.1.0

Drive a car on a remote control circuit and try to beat your personal best in Flash Sprint.

Pololu Simple Motor Controller  v.

Pololu Simple Motor Controller allows full control of your hardware. The Pololu Simple Motor Controllers are versatile, general-purpose motor controllers for brushed, DC motors. A wide operating range of up to 5.

KELLYWARE KCam  v.4.0.56

KCam Router/Mill software is designed to run low cost hobby CNC equipment. Program your paths using the built in Gcode editor, or import DXF, NC, and PLT files. Create signs and plates using your CAD software and import your work into KCam.


Numecon is Computer Numerical Control interpreter.Software is designed for driving lathes, mills, routers, lasers or other machines.Convert your standard PC into computer numerical control system.

EnerVista LM10 Setup  v.2.60.0002

The GE Multilin LM10 Low Voltage Motor Protection System is a modular device for low voltage motor protection.

Panel  v.2.0

The Elite Software Panel DOS based program automatically sizes all the components (cables, bus ducts, transformers, etc.) in an electric power distribution system in accordance with the National Electric Code.

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